Hike the Hyner View/Huff Run Loop

Reaching the meadow at Hyner View

Length: Approx. 5.5 mile loop

Difficulty: Difficult

Highlights: Several great views, cascades on Huff Run, meadows, wildflowers, well built trails

Parking: 41.327746, -77.634180 . Don’t be tempted to park at Hyner View, earn the view. Do the climb.

Direction of description: Counterclockwise. I think it is better to climb up to Hyner View then descend.

Issues: Some sections going up to Hyner View are steep. Nettle can be an issue along Huff Run in summer.

Description: This hike needs to be on your list, I enjoyed it very much. It offers both challenge and easy, cruisey sections. And there are views, several more than the famous one at Hyner View. The descent along Huff Run is pure hiking bliss.

Hyner View has become a trail running hotspot. The PA Trail Dogs have done an amazing job building a network of superb trails around Hyner View, creating excellent hiking opportunities. Thier trails are often well built and a pleasure to hike. I hope to explore more of these trails in the future. Try to avoid hiking on their race weekends. Thank you to the PA Trail Dogs for all the work they do.

From the parking area, walk to the end of the road and pick up Cliffhanger. Then turn left onto Carl’s Way, which curves and makes a steady climb up the mountain. There are some views through the trees. Reach a T intersection with Escarpment and the Donut Hole Trail (DHT). Escarpment is blazed yellow and the DHT is orange. The DHT is about a hundred miles long. Here, I suggest a side hike to the right to see excellent views of the river and mountains from ledges. These views are great for a sunset. Return the way you came.

Back on the loop, start the long climb up to Hyner View on the DHT and Escarpment trails. Cross meadows and glades with wildflowers. The DHT appears to separate to the right; it is best to go straight on the yellow trail. The climb steepens and there are more fine views to the south and west.

Reach a meadow area with more views. Enter the woods for another steep push. Break out of the trees and hike up the large meadow that surrounds Hyner Vista. This is pretty dramatic, with views in all directions. Reach Hyner Vista and take pride in your climb; this is by far the best way to experience this famous view.

Turn right on the park road, and then right onto the new Ligenza Trail, blazed yellow. This easy trail explores the woods with ferns. As you near the northern end, the Ligenza Trail follows an old forest road and blazes are few, but the route is obvious. Turn right on Old View Road, a dirt road, hike a short ways, then make a right onto Cleveland Hollow Trail. There is a sign.

Cleveland Hollow Trail is an obvious old woods road; there may be faded yellow blazes. Reach the DHT and turn left. Hike through the woods with laurel and reach Hyner View Road, turn left, follow it a short ways, then turn right on the Huff Run Trail (also the Garby, Paulhamus, and Donut Hole trails).

Descend this yellow trail. This trail is pure hiking bliss. The trail is beautifully built with view of the cascading creek and the deepening gorge. Huff Run has no tall falls, but many small cascades and falls. It is a joy to hike along it. There are spring wildflowers along Huff Run. Cross the run on a footbridge and reach the road. Turn right to the parking area.

Congratulations on making the climb up to Hyner View!

View from the Escarpment/Donut Hole Trails
Huff Run
This map it for general directional purposes, it is not a GPS route.

More photos:


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