Endless Mountains Trail

Cliffs of the balds

The Endless Mountains Trail (EMT) is a trail concept that would connect the east end of the Loyalsock Trail to famous Ricketts Glen State Park.  The trail is also envisioned to head north through SGL 57, ending near Forkston.  It would connect Worlds End to Ricketts Glen, two of Pennsylvania’s premier state parks, with a continuous hiking trail.

Red Brook Falls, SGL 57

If it becomes a reality, the EMT would be one of the most scenic trails in the eastern U.S. with unparalleled diversity, including dozens of waterfalls, gorges, glens, vistas, ponds, isolation, spruce and hemlock forests, whitewater rapids, caves, crevices, cliffs, rock overhangs, old mine, ice industry ruins, bedrock balds, and wetlands.

Waterfall gorge, SGL 57

If you’d like to help out with this trail proposal, contact me through this blog.  Thanks!

More views from cliffs, SGL 57

A photo album of the scenery that exists along the trail corridor: