Bilger’s Rocks

Bilger's Rocks

Bilger’s Rocks

This past Halloween weekend, we decided to go on a roadtrip through northwest Pennsylvania.  Our first stop was Bilger’s Rocks outside of Curwensville, PA.  This is a small local park that has some campsites and pavilions.  The trails are not well-signed, but we followed some paths to the top of the rocks.  They were impressive.  Massive house-sized blocks of sandstone were separated by narrow crevasses.  The rocks were draped with moss and ferns.  We scrambled down to explore the maze of narrow passageways.  Old growth hemlock trees towered over the rocks; younger hemlocks and rhododendron completed the forest.  The rocks were very beautiful, featuring caves and overhangs, as well as some boulder arches.  It was fascinating to explore this rock city.  Nearby was Bilger Run and an old stone dam from the 1800s.  There were some trail signs across the road, but without a map, I did not know where they went.  Before we left the rocks, I saw an impressive, if not cryptic, rock carving of North and South America that said something to the effect that all eyes are on the U.S.  It was dated 1921.

Bilger’s Rocks is a beautiful park that features one of the most impressive rock cities in Pennsylvania.  The rocks have been kept in a natural setting and graffiti was minimal.  It is well worth a visit.  Our next stop was Cook Forest State Park, home to the tallest trees in the Eastern United States…

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