Hikes with Vistas

These are hikes with vistas or overlooks. (Under construction)


Hike the Toms Creek and Landis Lake Loop-Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Hike the Bald Mountain Loop and Lehigh Rim Route-Lehigh Gorge State Park

Hike to Panther Hill Vista and Panther Creek Falls-Pinchot State Forest

Hike the Van Scott Nature Reserve-Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Hike to Stairway Lake and Falls-Stairway Wild Area (Delaware State Forest)

Endless Mountains

Hike the Worlds End Superloop

Exploring the Wonders of Kellogg Mountain and Satterlee Run-SGL 36

Hike to Windstorm Vista and Cottonwood Falls-Worlds End State Park

Hike to the Windy Valley Vistas-SGL 57

Hike the Hog and Long Runs Circuit-SGL 13

White Gold Superloop-SGL 57 and Ricketts Glen State Park

Hike to the Vistas of Kellogg Mountain-SGL 36

Hike the Smith’s Knob and Painter Run Loop-Loyalsock State Forest

Pine Creek Gorge

Hike the Golden Eagle Trail and Dragon’s Back Trail Loop-Tiadaghton State Forest

Hike to Hemlock Mountain-Tiadaghton State Forest

Hike the Slate Run Superloop-Tiadaghton State Forest

Fork Hill-Stone Quarry Run Loop (Tioga State Forest)

Stone Cutter and Tiadaghton Trail Loop-Tiadaghton State Forest

Hiking the Birch Trail-Tioga State Forest

Hike to Chimney Rock-Tioga State Forest

PA Wilds

Hiking at Erie Bluffs State Park

Hike the Quehanna Meadow Route and East Cross Connector-Quehanna Wild Area

Hike to Scurry Overlook and Henry Run Falls-Cook Forest State Park

Hike the Minister Creek Middle and South Loops-Allegheny National Forest

Hike to Nanny Run Vista-Elk State Forest

Vistas of the Square Timber Wild Area- Elk State Forest

Hike to the Sinnemahoning Canyon Vista and Sinnemahoning Spine-Elk State Forest

Hike the Fred Woods Trail- Elk State Forest

Allegheny National Forest

Central Pennsylvania

Hike the Gooseneck (Buffalo Creek Gorge)- Bald Eagle State Forest