Rattlesnake Falls, Pinchot State Forest


Rattlesnake Falls



The Pinchot State Forest has grown to include thousands of acres between Montage Mountain and the Nesbitt Reservoir.  Within this new state forest land is Rattlesnake Falls.


I parked off of Route 502 and the trail followed an old forest road above the Nesbitt Reservoir.  Several other old grades intersected.  The trail was level through a forest of hardwoods, pine, and hemlock.  I saw the reservoir through the trees as it stretched off into the distance between rolling ridges.  The trail soon entered a glen above Rattlesnake Creek.  The falls appeared, and they were very beautiful.  While only about fifteen feet high, there were encased in a chasm with overhanging ledges surrounding a deep pool.  A large tree trunk was lodged into the pool.  The water was clear, translucent.  The chasm appeared like a deep fault in the forest floor, hiding the creek that flowed through it.  Large pools and cascades were below the falls, adorned with swirling bubbles.




Above the falls were a series of pools, slides, and cascades that tumbled over slick bedrock.   A wall of hand lain stone lined the other side of the creek, once a support for a bridge.  Large pine trees soared into the sky as a carpet of needles covered the ground.  Rattlesnake Creek was very scenic above the falls, lined with moss covered rocks.



Nesbitt Reservoir



I retraced my steps, leaving the glen and its falls.  I walked down to the reservoir to take pictures of the glass-still water under warm, misty clouds, perfectly reflecting the trees and mountains.


More photos.


Location of the falls.


2 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Falls, Pinchot State Forest

    • Great photos. We are doing trail work on the south loop of the Pinchot Trail Aug. 4-6 if interested. We’ll be taking the trail off the roads, including Choke Creek Falls, and beautiful stream side hiking. Keep exploring the Pinchot.

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