Exploring Heberly Run-SGL 13


A falls on Heberly Run

I returned to SGL 13 to explore Meeker Run, and Heberly Run above Lewis Falls.  Grassy Hollow Road was open for hunting season, which allowed me to drive up and park near Lewis Falls.  The road was driveable, but not well graded, so a vehicle with a some ground clearance is recommended.  I hiked up the closed section of Grassy Hollow Road and Heberly Run soon came into view with all its rapids, pools, and cascades.  The old forest road soon brought me to Meeker Run and I found an old grade on the south side of the stream which made hiking fairly easy.  The small run had many cascades over rocks and maybe a ten foot falls, but nothing more.  I turned around and decided to spend the rest of my hike exploring Heberly Run.

Triangle Rock

Most people do not explore Heberly Run above Lewis Falls since it is out of the way for those doing the Waterfall Wonderland loop.  However, this is a beautiful stream with many falls, cascades, slides and pools.  None of the falls are very high, but they are quite scenic.  I descended to the stream from the old forest road and crossed the creek as needed, accepting my feet were going to get wet.  The beauty was impressive with grottos of rocks, and tumbling water feeding pools.  I passed a large triangle shaped boulder that was impressive.  There were non-stop slides and hidden pools with beds of smooth bedrock.  Large hemlocks rose over me, but they were dying from the adelgid, a sad sight.  One of my favorite spots was a two tiered falls that emptied into a large bedrock pool.  As I went downstream, the creek flowed through chasms of bedrock with powerful rapids.  I even saw a kingfisher fly over the water.

I soon reached Lewis Falls and made the difficult descent to the base of the falls.  What an impressive falls, shooting off a cliff into a pool below, surrounded by tiers of bedrock.  I remember hiking up Heberly Run and seeing Lewis Falls for the first time, after already passing Big and Twin Falls.  Heberly Run was so beautiful it seemed magical.  It still is.

Lewis Falls

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