Buttermilk or Bear Creek Falls (near Bear Creek Village)


Not every outdoors experience has to be a long hike through the woods, to some unknown vista or waterfalls.  Sometimes, places just off the road can be just as rewarding.

South of Bear Creek Village, along SR 2041 (White Haven Road) is a beautiful 35ish foot waterfall that is just off the road.  Park your car, walk a hundred feet, and you’re there.

The falls is commonly known as Buttermilk Falls, but Google maps also calls it Bear Creek Falls, even though the falls is not on Bear Creek.


The falls tumbles down a wide ledge in a glen framed by hemlocks.  If you choose to climb to the top of the falls, be very careful.

It is surprising how many of these accessible gems are sprinkled throughout Pennsylvania.


Nearby is the vast Bear Creek Preserve (make sure to hike the grey trail) and Francis Walter Reservoir, a great place for paddling with its clear waters and rock outcrops.

More photos.

Location of the falls.



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