Bear Run Trail-Tioga State Forest


Trail is well established and blazed red, but blazes are infrequent.

At the historic site of what was the former mining town of Landrus is a surprisingly enjoyable trail, the Bear Run Trail. The trail begins along Landrus Road and there is a sign. The trail is marked with red blazes, but they are very infrequent. However, the trail is well established. I hiked this trail out of curiosity, not knowing what to expect.

I hiked up an old road and then the trail veered left. Bear Run soon came into view with cascades, rapids, and pools framed by large boulders. I was impressed with the scenery. I passed a ten foot falls I called Bear Run Falls. This trail offered incredible streamside hiking with great views over the rushing water and gorge. The trail climbed higher above the creek, offering more views on the non-stop whitewater. Ledges and cliffs rose along the slopes of the gorge and some hemlocks grew along the creek.

I was surprised this gem was not better known, although I’m sure it was when the town of Landrus existed. The trail crossed Bear Run, so I hopped across on rocks. I was treated to more cascades. The trail soon made another stream crossing. Here, I stopped and turned around but not before enjoying a cascade over a wide ledge beneath cliffs dripping with springs. I then returned to my car. While the trail continued, I hiked in a mile.

I did check out the east branch of Bear Run, but there were no waterfalls.

If you enjoy streamside hiking on an isolated trail, this is the hike for you.

Parking is at 41.641848, -77.207233.


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