Hike at Lyman Run State Park

Cascade on the Beehive Trail

Length: Approx. 3.5 to 4 miles

Highlights: Lyman Lake, streamside hiking, large rocks, view, cascades, hemlock forests

Difficulty: Moderate.

Issues: No bridge on the Lyman Run Trail

Parking: 41.724853, -77.760514

Description: Lyman Run is a beautiful state park. It is the perfect basecamp to explore the vast Susquehanna State Forest or the PA Wilds. Galeton is nearby and is located in a scenic setting, with a lake surrounded by mountains.

There are many trails at Lyman Run. The highlight of the park is Lyman Lake. This hike is a loop that begins and ends at the parking area near the dam spillway. There are other places to park.

From the parking area, follow the road above the creek, and then descend down to Lyman Run on the Lyman Run Trail. The trail along and near the creek is very scenic with hemlocks. Cross a bridge and continue down the Lyman Run Trail. Cross Lyman Run without a bridge, this would be a serious issue in high water. Continue along the creek and reach Lyman Run Road. Turn left on the road and then right onto the Rock Run Trail.

Follow the Rock Run Trail on a steady climb. Large boulders begin to adorn the forest and cascades are off the trail to the right. The trail then crosses Rock Run with small cascades and soon reaches Rock Run Road, follow it to the left. Reach the view as it overlooks the park and lake. Continue on the road and begin to follow the Wildcat Trail on a steady climb with more cascades and large boulders. At the top, hike under hemlocks.

Turn left onto the Beehive Trail and explore beautiful hemlock forests. Descend into a scenic glen and pass a 5-6 foot cascade over a boulder. Reach the camping area. Turn left on the road and follow the road to the lake and parking area at the dam.

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