Hike to the Windy Valley Vistas-SGL 57

This off trail hike leads to fine views over Windy Valley and Koerber Brook.  If you’ve ever parked at White Brook and looked across the valley to the cliffs on the other side, that is where the Windy Valley Vista is located.  It is a beautiful escarpment of rock outcrops with some fine views.  This hike is on SGL 57.  There are no signs or blazes.

Pull off parking for this hike is at  41.490798, -76.132794.  Cross the road and hike to Koerber Brook.  Turn right and hike up a narrow ridge or slope above the brook.  Hike the rim above the brook as it flows in a deep ravine.  There are cascades, slides and small falls.  Above the falls, there is a grade to the left, follow it.  Koerber Falls is just upstream and very much worth seeing if the creek is flowing well.  Follow the grade for a bit, but then climb up the ridge, following some deer paths.  The terrain steepens and there are rock ledges.  At about 1750 feet in elevation, work north and pick up the “goat path”, an obvious path across the mountain that is fairly well established.  This is the easiest way to the views.  Reach the escarpment of ledges and begin exploring, enjoy the views and unique rock ledges and outcrops.  The views across the valley and up White Brook are beautiful, there is even a view that looks up Mehoopany Creek.   Reach a private property line and turn around, follow the goat path back to the ridge.  The cliff with the views are located at 41.496181, -76.124201.

If you’d like to see Koerber Vista, hike up the ridge to a talus slope with a nice view looking down the gorge into Windy Valley.  The view is located at  about 41.494370, -76.120817.  Retrace your steps back down the ridge, to Koerber Brook, and your car.

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