Stone Cutter and Tiadaghton Trail Loop-Tiadaghton State Forest

This is a great dayhike loop in the Pine Creek Gorge, offering views of the creek, rail trail, two fine views, rock outcrops and a small stream.  It is about five miles long.  Parking is at two places in Ramsey, and both have limited parking for about four or five cars.  

From the parking area, follow the rail trail to the left or south and cross Pine Creek on an old steel bridge.  Enjoy views of the creek and surrounding canyon.  Continue on the rail trail and look for a discreet trail juncture to the right.  Take it and follow the yellow blazes.  Continue straight up the hill on the Tiadaghton Trail.  Reach an old quarry site, and the climb becomes steeper; avoid the trails that join from the left.  The climb remains steep as you ascend the ridge, passing some rock outcrops.  Reach the ridge with more unique rock outcrops and ledges.  Another climb brings you to a stunning 180 degree view of the Pine Creek gorge from rock outcrops.  Enjoy the superb scenery.

Continue on the yellow Tiadaghton Trail as it climbs up the ridge; however, this climb is much more gradual.  Moss and pine trees often adorn the trail.  Descend gradually along the narrow ridge.  In winter, expect extensive views through the bare trees. The yellow Turkey Vulture Trail joins from the right.   Reach a second view looking down the gorge, another beautiful sight.  Turn left onto a  trail and leave the Tiadaghton Trail.  Descend to the Stone Cutter Trail which follows an old forest road above Bonnell Run, a small, babbling creek with some small cascades.  Follow the Stone Cutter Trail down, enjoying views of the creek and the valley.  The trail does not get very close to Bonnell Run.  

Reach the orange Mid State Trail, and you can go either way.  Left will take you along an old grade that will descend to the rail trail.  Right, or straight, will take you down Bonnell Run and you can connect to the rail trail at the bottom; just be sure you do not continue following the Mid State Trail up the mountain.

Hike the rail trail to the left with many wildflowers.  Pass a camping area and some shelters.  Cross the bridge over Pine Creek and retrace your steps.  

Parking in Ramsey is at 41.284498, -77.324630 or 41.284322, -77.321053.  Again, parking is limited.  

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